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" We Are Exness Introducing Broker (IB). "


EXNESS Partner

You can receive up to 25% of the average spread on all transactions performed by signed-up clients

EXNESS Partner


Additional income

Clients of EXNESS Group can make extra money: up to 25% of the spread on transactions performed by every signed-up client. They simply need to invite new clients using their own unique partner link.


No registration required

You don't have to register as a partner to invite new clients. Your partner link will work as soon as you register a trading account.



How to increase your reward

Depending on your performance as a partner, we may invite you to increase your partner reward on personalized conditions and consider the prospects of a new partnership as a forex introducing broker (IB) for EXNESS.


One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Exclusive offer for each partner

Instant withdrawals

Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions

There is no limit on how much reward you can earn

Detailed statistics



How an EXNESS partner builds his or her own partnership network

Partners can earn extra money without making personal expenditures.

To attract new clients, a partner should publish his or her partner link on the Internet. This should involve a wide variety of websites, such as topical forums dedicated to forex trading, educational portals, and blogs. The more websites where a partner places his or her partner link, the better the result will be. By accurately and thoroughly informing forex forum visitors about all of our advantages, the partner boosts the number of accounts opened using his or her link, thus increasing the potential partner reward. Creating and actively using your own personal website or blog is encouraged. An EXNESS partner can use his or her personal website to answer traders' questions and publish useful informational materials.

How do EXNESS partner programs work?


We calculate the partner reward depending on the signed-up client's account type and the financial instrument involved.


You can receive answers to any questions related to partnering with EXNESS by contacting us via email at:partnership@exness.com.